November 29th – December 06th

Experience life as a university student in China

Limit to 18 seats only!

Application Closed for 2019

Time left to application deadline (28 October 2019)

The well-designed Edutainment Tour 2019 – China Winter Camp allows student to learn & explore about the Chinese culture through various cultural exchange activities, experiencing the life as a student in China. Beijing, the capital of China & Qingdao, the historical city of China, these are the two cities that we will be spending most of the time, having in-dept understanding about the unique culture and experiencing the advance science & technology, astronomy and maths in the top economy country in the world.

Experience University Life

The main goal of the tour is to allow students to experience life as a university student in China and have a taste of the Chinese education has to offer.

Explore the New Culture

China is famous for their rich history with distinct dynasties and fantastical folklores. They have influenced many modern films and pop-culture. Today, these influences can be seen in the historical structures and sculptures.

Discover the Development

Witness the social and technological advancement of the 2nd largest economy in the world and be dumbfounded by the marvellous structure of the metropolitan area.

highlights of the Tour

Beijing University

Beijing International Studies University

May Fourth Square



Shandong University of Science and Technology

Beijing Hutong Street

Pecking Duck

China University of Petroleum (Huadong)

Limit to 18 participants only!

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