November 30th – December 14th

Immerse yourself into the rich Irish culture and values

Limited seats only!

Application Closed for 2019

Time left to application deadline (15 October 2019)

The objective of Edutainment Tour 2019 – Ireland Winter Camp (Chapter Business Entrepreneurship) is to have students immerse themselves in to the rich Irish culture and values. With our carefully designed Edutainment Tour Ireland Winter Camp, the students will be experiencing an unforgettable 14 days Winter in Ireland, where they get to simulate in starting a business, visit to a local startups, speak to the founders and even visit renown Irish institution doing it all in the beautiful Republic of Ireland. Whether you are looking for a winter getaway during the school holidays, or exploring a new further study destination, perhaps you just want to meet new friends while gaining new knowledge, there is always a reason to explore Ireland through the Edutainment Tour.

Learn Irish Business way

The Republic of Ireland attracts large corporations like Facebook, Google, Johnson & Johnson and most of Fortune 500 companies has presence in this nation of no more than 5 million people, but why? Throughout this trip, our experienced lecturers and trainers will dive deep in to these areas covering business aspects such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and business ethics. Participants will also be given the opportunity to experience on starting their own business, giving them a clear idea how to run a successful business locally and globally.

Experience irish life

Participants gets to fully experience the Irish way of living through the warmth hospitality of an Irish home. In these 2 weeks, you will be hosted by a local Irish family where they will be taking care of your food and lodging all done in authentic Ireland style. There is no better way to experience a country than to live in with a local family, learn their language (Gaelic) and build relationships that will last a life time.

Education in Ireland

Learn about studying in Ireland, where you will find Education in Ireland is a lot like their neighbour but cost a lot less. Whether you are considering Health Science, Engineering, Law or Design, there are plenty of renown schools for you to choose from.

An Irish excursion like no other

Explore the beautiful city of Dublin and Belfast, through beautiful Christmas lights in Kilkenny City, be amazed by meaningful historical architectures and even having fun evening activities like bowling, movies in the cinema and Christmas shopping. Doing it all with your newly met Malaysian and Irish friend.

highlights of the Tour

Entrepreneur Business Program

Cultural Program at Irish High School

Visitation to Private School

Tour of Carlow Town

Christmas Night at Kilkenny

Excursion to University of Limerick & Limerick IT

Excursion to Dublin

Day with Host Family

Visitation to Irish Company & Expert Sharing

Visitation to local company

Excursion to belfast

team activities, bowling cinema

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